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Heritage Sabah questions DBKK’s action to hold ‘public hearing appeal’ without proper public notification


KOTA KINABALU, Wed (15th August 2012). Heritage Sabah NGO is questioning DBKK’s sincerity of having a public consultation for the KK City Draft Plan 2020 as subsequent ‘public hearing appeals’ were allegedly conducted without proper or prior notification to the general public.

“As one of the interested groups of KK citizens that submitted our objection of the Draft Kota Kinabalu Plan 2020 in December 2011, we were surprised to find out that DBKK had proceeded to hold a ‘public hearing appeal’ without informing the public and those who submitted their formal objections.

In fact, our NGO only found out about the meeting by coincidence in a local newspaper on Monday when the ‘public hearing appeal’ was published in a property article”, says the NGO’s spokesperson Richard Nelson Sokial.

“We would like to ask DBKK – what is their definition of a public consultation exercise? What is their objective? Consequently, what is their definition of a public hearing appeal?

Heritage Sabah was under the impression that DBKK was committed to working with the general public on the Draft Kota Kinabalu Local Plan 2020 in order to more effectively plan our city, but it now seems that the public exhibition held during September 2011 – January 2012 was merely a PR exercise and not fully intending to take public concerns seriously”.

The NGO wants to know who were the invited members of public that attended DBKK’s ‘public hearing appeal’ that was featured in the newspaper article as well as feedback on how DBKK hopes to address the points made by the public’s objection of the Draft Kota Kinabalu Plan 2020.

“DBKK must constantly strive to prove their transparency and commitment to the public through their actions and when addressing public concerns”, says Sokial.



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This entry was posted on August 16, 2012 by in Press Release.

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